To learn one must be sincere and determined.


Dennis Passaretti’s training is rooted in his personal commitment to each student. In order to uncover the warrior within, Dennis must identify the strengths and challenges of every person he trains regardless of their skill level.

Once this is accomplished, Dennis turns his energy to motivating and supporting the goals of those studying with him. Anyone who steps onto the path and trains with determination and sincerity will be able to meet and strengthen their inner warrior.

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Dennis Passaretti RI

A Unique Training Opportunity

Dennis Passaretti’s Institute for Martial Arts offers a one of a kind training opportunity that combines tradition and practical application as well as providing health benefits for balanced living.

Realize Your Greatest Potential

With your commitment and Dennis’ experience you will achieve:

♦   Inner strength, peace, and balance

♦   Physical and mental accomplishment

♦   Personal fitness and professional training goals

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